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RPM Power Kettlebell & Core Roller Abdominal Trainer

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RPM Power Core Sliders: An Irish based company. Enhance core engagement and workout intensity with this dual purpose exercise tool, as it’s a kettlebell and core roller in one. 

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Powerball kettlebell and core roller is an essential exercise tool to have. This products main function is to be used as a core roller, a simple way to build strong, toned & defined abs. However, through the clever design means it can also be used as a kettlebell/dumbbell for an even more versatile workout. The ergonomically-curved dual handle makes it easy to vary the intensity of your workout. Simply grab the Roller from the top or the sides to adjust the difficulty. Handles are fitted with rubber-moulded padding to ensure for extra grip, even when sweating. Every Core Roller comes with a cushioned, non-slip knee pad for extra stability when exercising.

Product Description:

  • Irish based company
  • Strengthen, tone & tighten
  • Premium dual purpose exercise tool
  • Non-slip cushioned knee pad non-slip
  • Rubber-moulded padding for extra grip
  • Increases core engagement
  • Weight: 4kg

How To Use: 

simply place the Core Roller at your knees and roll out. The in-built resistance allows you to extend the full length of your body and helps improve stability and balance. Hold your form and feel your muscles start to burn in seconds. Strengthen - Tone - Build with RPM Power.

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