“RUN Baby RUN” Quote Tankard Mug


The “RUN Baby RUN” Quote Tankard Mug: Is made by Irish based company. This domestic product made with a clever and unique design to help you enjoy your favourite cuppa even more. A part of my ‘Rise & Shine’ collection.

I am so excited to release this mug as a part of my 'Rise & Shine' collection. This tankard styled durable mug is elegant and comes with a ripple effect finished handle. It's made in an Irish factory using only the best raw material. This unique design accommodating one of my favourite quotes is designed by skilled decorators. This mug reads the quote "RUN Baby RUN" Made to put a smile on your face while you enjoy your favourite cuppa!

Product Description:

  • Irish based company
  • Rise & Shine Collection
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Quote: "RUN Baby RUN" 
  • Mug Style: Tankard
  • Weight: Holds 280ml
  • Size: 8 cm X 8 cm


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