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RPM Power PowerGripper Blue 150lbs (medium)


RPM Power PowerGripper Blue 150lbs (medium):  An Irish based company. This PowerGripper can be used as a warm-up strengthening tool pre-workout or is mainly used a rehabilitation tool if you have sustained an injury. 

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Their PowerGripper is an essential rehabilitation tool to have. It has reinforced stainless steel springs with a matt black anodization finish. Each weight resistance is distinguished by its own beautifully coloured handle with a diamond etched matrix pattern for extra grip. Perfect warm-up gripper prior to using higher resistance models in a session. More suited to rehabilitation than strengthening, it can be a useful training aid when coming off the back of a limb injury (break or sprain) where the forearm muscles haven't been used in a while as the arm recovered. It's also a useful device to have sitting on the desk for a quick squeeze when you're having a stressful day!

Product Description:

  • Irish based company
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Portable rehabilitation tool
  • Gold standard lifetime warranty included
  • Colour: Blue
  • Weight: 150lbs

How To Use: 

Choose from a variety of holding positions in the hand, using some or all fingers. Decide to close and hold for 15-30 seconds or simply to pulse from opened to closed over the course of a 1-2 minute session. There are an endless variety of exercises which you can perform with this simple but highly effective upper limb strengthening instrument that will produce big results in forearm and grip power in a very short time.


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