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Mookie & Boo Ritual Of Sleep

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Ritual Of Sleep Giftset: 100ml Ayurvedic Sleep & Relax Bath & Body Oil, 100ml Sleep & Relax Pillow Mist, Sleep & Relax Aromatherapy and Hand poured Candle. Aids sleep & relaxation suitable especially. Reduces stress or anxiety creating a deep sense of calm.

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Create a serene mood in your bedroom with this box set of sleep essentials. Drift off and enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling fresh restored and relaxed. Each Ritual Box contains -100ml Ayurvedic  Sleep & Relax Bath & Body Oil - 100ml Sleep & Relax Pillow Mist - Sleep & Relax Aromatherapy Hand poured Candle. All wrapped in a luxury giftbox with directions on your ritual practice included Ritual Box

Key Product Benefits

  • Sleep Inducing Properties
  • Aids Stress Relief and Reduces Anxiety
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Contains Essential Oils
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Quantity: 100ml


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