Mahers Medium Roast Decaf Blend Coffee


Maher’s Medium Roast Decaf Coffee: An Irish based company. This decaffeinated coffee blend is ground up from the best quality and rich flavoured coffee beans. This coffee product is medium in strength in terms of taste.

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Maher's decaf coffee is a rich ground up coffee blend. The coffee beans used in this coffee are of really high quality. This light - medium strength decaf coffee is perfect for anybody interested in trying out coffee and is also perfect for coffee lovers who love the taste but mightn't want the extra caffeine. This Irish coffee company are also based in Cork. I love coffee and I love Maher's, so this just makes sense!

Product Description:

  • Irish based company
  • All natural ingredients
  • Tastes: Pecan nut, chocolate
  • Origin: Columbia
  • Altitude:1000 – 1400 meters above sea level
  • Process: Water processed
  • Strength: Light - Medium
  • Net Weight: 250g


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