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For Him Bundle


For Him Bundle: 1 x VOYA Men’s Energising Body Wash, 1 x Maher’s Italian Blend Coffee and 1 x French Press Coffee Maker (4 Cup). This bundle is designed to surprise amazing fathers with a gift to give them the best fathers day ever! This bundle is also a suitable birthday or anniversary gift for a husband, father, brother, partner or friend!

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1 × Mahers Italian Blend Coffee

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For Him Bundle: 1 x VOYA Men's Energising Body Wash, 1 x Maher's Italian Blend Coffee and 1 x French Press Coffee Maker (4 cup).

VOYA Men's Energising Body Wash: Energise the body and mind with an intense infusion of zesty Lime and spicy Clove. VOYA Men's Range energising body wash, blends the natural purifying properties of wild organic seaweed, with essential oils and naturally-derived cleansing agents to help soften and soothe the skin.

Product Description:

  • Deeply hydrates and moisturises the skin.
  • Relieves stress & tightness from the body.
  • Minimises pores and keeps the body’s PH and oil levels balanced.
  • Contains antibacterial properties - offering extra defence to the skin's natural barrier.
  • 97% Certified Organic Ingredients

Maher's Italian Blend Coffee: is a rich ground up coffee blend. The coffee beans used in this coffee are of really high quality. This blend is a medium to strong strength tasting coffee. Perfect for coffee lovers and people who need that caffeine kick in the mornings. This Irish coffee company are also based in Cork. I love coffee and I love Maher's, so this just makes sense!

Product Description:

  • Irish based company
  • All natural ingredients
  • Ground Coffee
  • Tastes: Chocolate and Red Berry
  • Origin: South and Central America
  • Altitude:1500 – 1650 meters above sea level
  • Process: Washed, sun dried
  • Strength: Medium to Strong
  • Net Weight: 250g

French Press Coffee Maker (4 cup): This coffee maker provides 4 cups or 2 mugs worth of coffee. Iconic French press coffee maker that brings out the full flavour and aroma of your brew. This product is super easy to use and is environmentally friendly because it doesn't require any paper filters or plastic capsules to brew your favourite cuppa of coffee. Paired well with Maher's Italian Blend Coffee is a match made in heaven!

Product Description:

  • An Irish based company
  • Locks in coffee's natural flavour, giving the full aroma of your brew.
  • The carafe is made of non-stain, heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Stainless steel plunger and filter prevent ground beans from escaping when the coffee is poured.
  • Environmentally friendly – no paper filters or plastic capsules required.
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe & easy to clean

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